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Search Results show businesses that are so far away

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When i search for "sealcoating niles ohio" i would expect to show up as my business is only 4 miles down the road. However there is a business that is over 30miles away showing up and they don't even service our area. I'd like to understand why that is or what i could do to improve my visibility in the area. I believe i've already got "My business" information all in there properly. We've had a website for years, and i even spend some advertising dollars with the adwords program. I'm at a loss. Can someone help me understand this a little better?


Business Information:
Simlawn LLC
618 Goist Lane
Girard, Ohio 44420


Maps URL:,-81.2504478,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8...


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Re: Search Results show businesses that are so far away

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Hi @Running925


When I search that, looking at the organic results, Google clearly does not understand the structure of your site and not sure on which page to show to users.


So I would correct take a look at your site structure.


sealcoating niles ohio   Google Search.png


Next we need to link to your listing >> send the correct signals.


Below your address in Footer add >> Location >>  and link it to


Add structured data to your site >>



I would also UN CAPS your business name, this is against naming guidelines





Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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