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Reviews from the web

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Sorry note sure where to post this but does anyone know how to update your business profile to take so "Reviews from the web" from the likes of FB etc?


Re: Reviews from the web

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Hi @John M


As far as I'm aware, whether or not these reviews appear is determined by Google and tied in with the knowledge graph part of their search algorithm. A detailed explanation of review data types is here.


I'm not sure how to increase the likelihood of the reviews showing (some of that might be part of Google's secret sauce), but a good place to start might be to associate your business website with your social media profiles by using structured data markup.


You can think of structured data (or schema markup) as 'the language of the search engines'. Implementing it can be a little advanced, so depending on your skill level it may be worth chatting to your web developer or agency about implementing the structured data.


The end result can look something like this:




I hope this is helpful.