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Reviews from the Web not Using Company Website or Facebook Reviews

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I've read it all, I've done it all, and all I'm getting is nothing in return - it feels like I'm married!


I know Google's Reviews from the Web is operational, and I understand that people are getting it right. Much like a marriage, I hear that people are experiencing joy, so clearly I'm doing something wrong. So here is what I have done:


  1. All my structured data is populated, indexed and accurate, with no errors - I have sameAs entries both under Organisation and Local Business, including additionalType and every other possible requirement. Even my Hentry submissions are clean! This is on every page of my website, including a dedicated Reviews page (
  2. I have added my company website URL to my facebook page, and vice versa (
  3. I created a Google+ page, and made the necessary links between the two entities (company website and Google+)
  4. I have waited for over 3 weeks for changes to be applied, and used the Search Console to manually crawl my site and fetch as Google
  5. All AMP related issues are resolved, as well as all any historic crawl, robot, or security issues (of which there were hardly any)
  6. Sitemaps are fully operational, so no reason why Google can't locate every page, and every link of them them

All my efforts to get Reviews from the Web to showcase my Facebook page and website page reviews has amounted to nought - I fear I am speaking another language with Google and that we are just not understanding each other.


If there are any Google Counselors out there who are willing to help me patch things up between us two, please may you provide me with some support? I try so hard to please Google with all their many many many requirements but sometimes I get the impression that they would rather spend their time with someone else.


Many thanks


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Reviews from the Web not Using Company Website or Facebook Reviews

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Top Contributor

Hi Capoeira V,

You have mentioned everything but Google My Business and your Google My Business page. I found your Google My Business page and you have 13 reviews but none of them have been responded to. Do you have the log in information to get to it a Let's start here. Google My business page and Google+ is now separate. Facebook reviews stay on Facebook, though in some industries they will pull in other reviews if the source is highly trusted. You can ask for reviews by sending customers a link. You are using posts, you can add 30 second videos. You should also know that service area listings are a little harder to rank for than store front locations.


Thanks for asking





David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Reviews from the Web not Using Company Website or Facebook Reviews

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Hi David,

Many thanks for the speedy response and for assisting me in this regard.
I've read and re-read your response and wonder if I have indeed gotten my
understanding wrong....

I created (well at least I thought I did) a GMB profile, called "Capoeira
Valente". Everything I understand about GMB is done, but a GMB Page sound
new to me, as if I have been doing something else. From what I can see,
this is my GMB Page:

I can see why the whole company address is being posted, but not too sure
how to prevent this. Am I on the right page?

I will also contact my students and get them to post recent reviews and
then I'll respond to them, and we are planning a big Instagram / Youtube
drive to push our website visits up.

>From what I understand from you, I shouldn't be too worried about our
Facebook and website reviews not showing, and just exercise a bit of
patience in getting our presence more visible.

Many thanks for your response, time and effort again, and I hope I've got
my understanding of my GMB Profile and Page right, or else I've been doing
this wrong the whole time.