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Reviews from people gathering points

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I have a bone to pick with Google Reviews.  I think it is highly unprofessional of Google to allow people to post reviews who have never used a business and get all of their facts wrong and then get points for it.  I had a woman review us who wasn't even doing business with us and got all the facts wrong.  She stated that she had been in our business 4 weeks ago and it was demolished over 2 1/2 years ago.  Either she was making it up or she was at a different business.  After checking the person out, I found that she reviews everyone and her information is unreliable.  A professional reviewer who is gaining points through Google.  Maybe I just need to remove my Google account if they are going to allow this practice to go on.


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Re: Reviews from people gathering points

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Hi @Guy S,

I am afraid it is the new reality with this silly Local Guides program that Google came up with. Google has gamified the contributions to Google Maps and business listings and now, in addition to the spam from unscrupulous business owners, we also get spam from Google users trying to increase their points in their Contributions profile in the hopes of getting some rewards from Google.

Have you reported the review in question on your business listing as inappropriate?

If you did, when did you you reported it?


Would you mind sharing the URL of your business listing on Google Maps and the name of the person that posted the review you claim is inappropriate?


Not sure I understand this statement

She stated that she had been in our business 4 weeks ago and it was demolished over 2 1/2 years ago.

Is the business still open to the public?

Is there a listing for the business at a location where it no longer exist?

Thank you

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

Reviews from people gathering points

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The best solution would be to quit rewarding people for bogus reviews.  Do your homework Google.