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Reviews Show up on Google Search but cannot see all reviews when I login to my dashboard.

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Hi there,


We recently had customers writing reviews for your business. 


Apparently, it shows only two reviews on the google search on the right side (which I can't click on the reviews to see see who has given the reviews). When I click to "see all reviews", it then shows my only 1 review all together which is not even one of the two reviews that show up on google search. 


When I log into my dashboard to check the reviews. It has only 1 review and not more than that.


Please advise.



Inspired Broadband

Level 5, 100 Albert Road, South Melbourne VIC 3205''/inspired+broadband/data=!4m5!4m4!1m0!1m2!1m1!1s0x6ad66802eefa2...



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Reviews Show up on Google Search but cannot see all reviews when I login to my dashboard.

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@naresh s


I get shown one review only with your bsuiness knowledge graph.

Guessing all other reviews got filtered.


Some possible reasons for getting reviews filtered
(note: the below list might not be complete and can be subject of change - filtering of reviews is done by algorithms)
- URL's in reviews
- The rating is too long: since the number of characters is >> 4000
- Same rating on other platforms
- The reviewer also managed the GMB listing
- The reviewer works for the company
- The reviewer wrote the review on a computer of the company or used its network
- The reviewer wrote the review with an IP address that other reviewers used when posing  their review
- The reviewer has tried to publish the review several times at different times (thus filtered on 5 August and tried again on 10 October)
- The reviewer wrote very many reviews in a short time
- The reviewer has evaluated several other companies with the same name
- The reviewer has a blank G + profile and no activity with the profile yet
- Reviews are written by an SEO company
- The company has an on-site reviewing station that has been used
- The company offers an incentive for a review
- The number of reviews for the company is unusually high compared to other companies in the industry
- Dates in the format  26.04.2017 ->  
  but this format works: 26. 4. 2017 and also 26. April 2017
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Reviews Show up on Google Search but cannot see all reviews when I login to my dashboard.

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Thanks for your reply.


But we still cannot understand what could the exact reason from the above points.


If the reviews were being filtered, why would the filtered reviews appear on the search on the right side hiding the other reviews which we cannot see them on the dashboard either.


I wish, Google could have made it simple to understand.


Honestly, not very happy.


We are still trying to find out on this as it may effect our business name.