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Hi there - I've noticed that some business have Yell reviews under the 'Reviews From The Web' heading on their GMB panel.  Our Yell reviews don't show on ours nor our Truspilot ones - is it possible to get these added at all?


We are ArmaFone on in St. Mathews Street Ipswich




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Reviews From The Web

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Hi Chris


I just checked your Knowledge Panel and it looks like Yell reviews are coming up now :)


These reviews are served by an algorithm so there's no way to request they be added - the best you can do is make sure the details of your business are correct on all external reviews sites, to give Google the best opportunity to match your GMB listing with those external sites.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Reviews From The Web

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If I understand this correctly (I am not a techie) then although I cannot myself add my Yelp reviews to this Google Business page, it will/can be picked up by GB and added. Is this what is meant here?

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