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Reviews Disappearring

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Legitimate, unsolicited reviews are being removed. Genuine, un-solicitated, unadulterated

A client just called and thank us and told me they attempted to post a review and it was there and now it's gone. This has happened at least 3 times.


Google, Matt Cutts, and the entire team,

your algorythym SUCKS.


Please print this out and put it on everyone's desk of all of your failures and how it effects small business america.


Have a great day.


Rocket Town Media

300 Clinton Avenue

Huntsville, AL 35801



Re: Reviews Disappearring

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I know you're just venting and not really asking for any advice, but still figured I'd share a post that Joy Hawkins made a bit ago here that might be useful. Basically a list of reasons that Google reviews can get filtered. Most of them won't apply in your case, but the one where people have only left one review before (on your business) and have no other activity on their account, that can sometimes be the cause if nothing else. 

For what it's worth, I don't know too many business owners who pay attention who haven't noticed a review or two dropping here and there. Not ideal since it's true that every (real) review is an important piece of feedback from a customer, but just means it's a numbers game since it happens to a small extent to every business. 

For my clients and friends, I always recommend you save reviews that come in, so if they get filtered you can at least use them on your site or in your own marketing materials if you choose. Google's got nothing against you asking people to leave a review (long as you aren't bribing customers to do so) though due to changes late last year, it can be challenging to find the right link to send customers to. Here's the link you should use if you don't know about it already. 

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Re: Reviews Disappearring

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Thanks James