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One last try to resolve awful situation...

Over the past 4 years, our customers have provided reviews, without our solicitation. These reviews were often referred to by new clients as the reason why they chose to do business with us. Needless to say, organic reviews were a significant part of our ongoing success. About a year ago, all of our reviews disappeared, without explanation - as a matter of fact, we only noticed our reviews had disappeared after a couple of months. After tracking down the proper Google My Business support department to call, I was told "it was our mistake that will only take up to 48 hours to repopulate". This was repeated 3 times, once per week following the initial call. Then, it became, "it was our mistake and it'll will take up to two weeks to fix and repopulate". This was repeated 2 times, for four weeks following. Then, it became, "you lost the reviews because you changed your address". I didn't change my address - as an event planner, I provide services at various locations my clients choose. Then, it became, "you lost your reviews because the Google algorithm decided that the reviews were not real". All were "real", organic, unsolicited and well-earned. I believe we had 15 - 5 star reviews by people who had previous review histories and could all be verified as paid clients and all reviews were responded to by us.

Google representatives would always respond to our posts online on Twitter describing this awful situation with promises that they would look into it and get back to me. I have yet to hear back from any of the four different Googles reps who connected to me on Twitter.

My business has unquestionably suffered while by competitors who appear to offer the same service and are set up the same way on Google My Business as we are (address), continue to accumulate reviews that can only be described as 'obviously questionable'. 


I have had ZERO reviews on Google My Business since all of my reviews have disappeared - and nothing reliable from Google to explain what happened.


Any help to reinstate my reviews, an explanation and instructions to prevent this from ever happening again would be greatly appreciated.



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