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Reposted per Joy Hawkins- Reviews posted by Non-Clients

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Hi Joy,


Hope can assist me. I got a 3 star review from a non-client named Lillian Knight. Please view here:


You can read my reply under Ms. Knight's review.


Other details follow showing my request to remove to Google My Business. It was not approved.  Please, can you help me?

------------------- Begin submission to Google Support ---------

Please remove the factually erroneous review from Lillian Knight.

Ms. Knight Comments on her purchase of a MOUSE PAD at a “STORE”. Ms. Knight mentions someone named Ted twice. 

My business DOES NOT sell mouse pads. We do not do business from a store or storefront, but from an office as a computer repair and computer consultant operation clients visit. I founded the business in 1991. There has never been anyone named Ted who worked for me. 

We have no business or other record of Ms. Knight. No one has ever seen or knows her at No Sweat !!! Computer Consultants. Her picture on the review does not match any of our clients.

 Ms. Knight's review is CLEARLY erroneous. She is reviewing some other business located elsewhere. Therefore, I request her review be immediately removed. Thanks in advance.


--------End submission to Google Support -----------------

This is the second lower than 5 star review I've gotten from a non-client. The review words are OK but the star rank is 4 or 3 stars. 


Right now, the Lillian Knight review is the one that must be removed.


However detailed web searches cannot find either Lillian Knight or Edyth Raygoze (a 4 star review). I doubt they are "real" persons.


So Joy, what can you or I do?


Thanks in advance for your help.



No Sweat !!! Computer Consultants

2700 Neilson Way, Suite 722

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 392-4840

Santa Monica, CA 90405



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