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Redirecting Searches for Acquired Companies

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  1. Full business name: WithersRavenel, Inc. 
  2. Current business address: 115 MacKenan Drive, Cary, NC 27511 (headquarters)
  3. Current telephone number: 919-469-3340
  4. Google Maps URL:,-78.8088656,17z
  5. Website (if applicable):

I work for WithersRavenel, a civil engineering and land surveying company. In the past 10 years or so, WithersRavenel has acquired the following other North Carolina companies:

  • Kenneth Close, Incorporated
  • Brunswick Surveying, Inc.
  • Almes Engineering, Inc.
  • Tate Lanning & Associates, P.C.

All of the physical locations related to these businesses are closed, and if there were websites for these businesses they have long since been shut down. But there are signed and sealed documents (e.g. surveying plats) bearing the names of these other companies that will remain in public records for many more years. If someone wants to contact the company who originally prepared the document, and they do a search of that company's name, they'll only find the address and phone number of a defunct business. What can I do to make sure that someone searching for one of these businesses is redirected to search results for WithersRavenel, including our current address and phone number?

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Redirecting Searches for Acquired Companies

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The redirect part of the question is not available in google maps since the location does not have visitors anymore. It is not like a 301 redirect. I did look one up and found,-78.4663489,12.69z/data...

When you go to the listing it gives the option to "Suggest an edit" you can mark it as permanently closed. That would be easier than claiming the listing to get ownership and then showing it closed. Try the edits on the three listings it takes some time to get verified and deleted. If that does not work add to this post or repost. 

David W Cox, Google My Business Rising Star
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