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Profile, Page and Google My Business issues

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My name is Mindy Belcher, and I own Ever After Portraits at 46506 Oak Lane, Sterling, Virginia, 20165.  My phone number if 571.434.0009.


I have a Google Profile here:

It was brought to my attention recently, that I have a page here:

I have been told by one expert that these two, the profile and the page should be merged.

Another says no, that I should only have a Google my business and a local business page.


I am confused, but trying to make sure I have my business listed with Google correctly.

Can you help me understand as a business of these three, what I should have, if they should be merged and if so, how to merge them and if that is adviseable?



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Re: Profile, Page and Google My Business issues

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Hey Mindy!

It actually looks like you have 2 pages, not 3.

The first link you provided is just the link to your dashboard that only you can see. If you take the first set of numbers in the link and include it after you will see it is the same page as This page is a local business page that appears on Maps. This page is the one you will want to optimize with photos and posts as this is the one future customers will have a better chance of seeing.

The other page is a profile page. Profile pages are designed to be a personal page for social media, NOT a business page. This page automatically comes with a Google account and should be your private name. You can edit the name on this profile to your personal name if you find it confusing as the business page, or you can just delete the page by downgrading. You can learn how to do that here:

In summary, these are two different pages that are designed for two different things. Once is a business page, one is a personal profile page and they should be treated differently

Re: Profile, Page and Google My Business issues

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Hi @Ever A


Just adding to @Tam very informative answer, that you can't merge a Google+ profile (personal page) and a Google+ Business page. They are two different entities and the expert that told you that needs some more training on Google+.


Secondly the person that told you to "only have a Google my business and a local business page" also needs a bit more training. Google My Business is the way you edit, update and create local business pages. It's the dashboard basically, whilst a Local business page is what shows up on Google Maps and in Google searches (with local intent).



Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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