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Please help remove a review on our business. We believe eview violates two (2) Google policies.

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I hope this is the correct "board" to post this in.  I did not see a "board" that really related to removing a review that we feel violates 2 Google policies.  If an Administrator sees this post here (and this is the wrong forum) - would you please move it to the correct "board" forum?


Heidi Winkler, M.D. - Pediatrics & Family Practice

12631 Imperial Hwy. Suite F100

Santa Fe Springs, CA  90670

(562) 864-4000


Google Maps URL:,+M.D.+-+Pediatrics+%26+Family+Practice/@33.9184712,-...

- - -

Please remove the Jeffrey Medina review.


Violation #1

Off-Topic Reviews  

“Don’t post reviews based on someone else’s experience”


Reviewer is in violation of the above Google policy.  Not present at event.  Based on someone else’s experience.


Jeffrey’s review is a “cut and paste” of a review his wife wrote on Yelp.  Even Jeffrey’s wife never witnessed the circumcision.  She was not in the exam room where the procedure took place.  Her comments that we “tortured the baby for 2 hours” is untrue, and libelous.


With either of the above, it does not reflect Jeffrey Medina’s personal experience.  Hence the violation of Google policy.


Let me elaborate…


A few months ago Jeffreys wife wrote a negative on Yelp.  Jeffrey copied and pasted another review - word for word from his wife’s review - and posted it on Yelp.  Yelp removed Jeffrey’s post due to it being the same.


If you check Yelp, you’ll see wife’s review there is word for word the same as Jeffrey’s review here on Google.


To see what I mean, scroll down to the 17th sentence (begins with words “so it was only Dr Winkler her husband and us in the office.”


Continue reading… 


In the next sentence Jeffrey states, “MY HUSBAND and I waited outside…”  (Exact words wife wrote in her review on Yelp).  If Jeffrey was at our office, he would have written, “My WIFE and I waited outside…”


This review doesn’t reflect a personal experience.  He was not here.

- - - - - -

Violation #2



Jeffrey says that the baby was TORTURED for two hours.  


This (untruth) represents a personal attack on Dr. Heidi Winkler, who is a board certified pediatrician and has done thousands of circumcisions over the past 30 years. 


Jeffrey wasn’t even in our office during the procedure.  He didn’t witness anything.


Some background:


The baby’s mom is one of the rudest people we’ve ever met.  


From the very first visit (when the baby was only one week old) mom was rude to the Dr. and our staff - and for no reason.


During this visit (baby one week old) Dr. Winkler discovered a cyst on the foreskin of the [censored].  Dr. Winkler discussed this with the mom.  Mom was told that perhaps the best option would be to perform a circumcision (which would remove the cyst.  The mom said that she wasn’t sure if they wanted to do a circumcision on the baby.  Dr. Winkler said that was fine, however the cyst would still need to be removed.  Dr. Winkler also told mom that she does not like to perform circumcisions on babies over two months old, and encouraged the mom to think about it and give us an answer quickly.  Note:  Most doctors do not want to perform circumcisions after a baby is two months old, as doing so often results in complications usually with increased severity.


The baby had an appointment to be seen the following week.  (Baby would be two weeks old).


For a few days before this appointment, our front desk girl called the mom with the intent of seeing if she wanted to schedule a circumcision which would also take care of the cyst on the [censored].  The mom never answered her phone, so our staff girl left messages.  The mom never called us back.


Mom brought the baby into our office for the second visit.  Baby now two weeks old.  Again, Dr. Winkler asked what the mom wanted to do.  The cyst needed to be taking care of, as it would get worse.  Mom was still unsure if she wanted a circumcision.  Dr. Winkler said that the baby was now two weeks old, and she would have to know very soon - as complications will increase as the baby ages past this point - especially since there was a cyst involved.  Mom didn’t seem to care and told Dr. Winkler that she was still thinking about it.


Mom had no decision at the follow-up visits - until baby was 2 months old.


At this point, Dr. Winkler basically said, “Look, I need to know what you want to do.  You can’t just let this cyst progress.  Most doctors, including myself, don’t like to perform circumcisions much after the baby is two months old.  Doing so has risks of complications.  Strangely (or maybe not so strange) the mom didn’t seem to care.  Dr. Winkler told mom that regardless of whether or not she wanted this baby to be circumcised, that the cyst needed to be removed as it was growing larger and increases health risks as time goes on.  Even with this, the mom didn’t want to answer.  And, again, mom’s attitude toward Dr. Winkler and our staff was very rude.  We can see no reason why she should be so rude… it’s our job to do what we feel is in the best medical interest of the baby.  There was really no reason which warranted this rude behavior from the mom.


Mom left office, and we didn’t hear back from her for nearly three months.  (We continued to call the mom, and left messages - but as usual, mom never returned our calls).  We thought the mom had found another doctor.


Nearly three months later, the mom called us and said that she has decided that she wants the circumcision done.


* The baby was now a little over five (5) months old. *


This is a full three months past when most doctors (including Dr. Winkler) would perform the circumcision.  The only reason Dr. Winkler agreed to do the procedure at this point was that the cyst had grown (quite a bit) since the last time she examined the baby (three months earlier).


So, an appointment for the procedure was scheduled for the first available opening.


When the mom came in for the appointment, she was about 40 minutes late.  We called the mom three times - the morning of the appointment, 30 minutes before the appointment, and 15 minutes after the appointment was scheduled for.  The mom didn’t answer any of these calls, nor did she return a call from the messages we left.


Since this appt. was scheduled just after our normal office hours (and since it was half an hour after the scheduled appointment) we began discussing how long we should wait.  About 15 minutes later, the mom walked in with the baby.  40 minutes late.


Upon entering the office, the baby was crying and screaming.


The moment this mom walked through the front door, she was very rude.  She said, “I never wanted to do this.”  (?)  Dr. Winkler told the mom, “It’s up to you, however this cyst does have to be removed.  If you do a circumcision, it will be only one procedure.  If you remove the cyst, then decide to do the circumcision later, it will be two procedures… but it’s up to you”.


The mom handed off the crying and screaming baby to Dr. Winkler’s (gentle and experienced) female assistant.  Baby continued to cry and scream while being carried back to the exam room which had already been set up for the procedure.


Dr. Winkler carefully administered a local anesthetic using the smallest needle possible to the [censored] where the circumcision was to take place.  This is the smallest needle available and is absolutely the best (least painful) method.


The reviewer heard the (continued) cries and screams from the waiting room and must have thought we were “torturing” the baby.  All babies cry when this injection is done - by any doctor.  However, if injection is done correctly (and it was) the pain (sting) of the shot is very brief, and then all the pain goes away as the area becomes numb.  Often at this point, babies continue to cry for awhile because (1) they feel a “sting” from the shot in their [censored], (2) there are bright lights, and (3) there are ”strangers” (the doctor and assistant) looking down on them.  The experience is not pleasant for babies.


In this case, however, it wasn’t too bad.  After administering the local anesthesia, the baby stopped crying in about 40 seconds.  Baby then waffled back and forth from being calmly awake to being asleep (!) during the circumcision.  


So, from this reviewer’s perspective (well, his wife’s perspective, since reviewer was not at this appointment) he (would have, if he were present) seen the crying baby being handed off to the gentle staff girl, crying baby taken back to exam room, and perhaps two minutes later (40 seconds after local anesthetic was administered… no crying.  No screaming or crying for the remainder of the procedure.  This is a far cry from torturing the baby for two hours.


We believe that by  this (non-present) reviewer stating that Dr. Winkler TORTURED THE BABY FOR TWO HOURS”  is a violation of TWO (2) of your Google Policies.








By saying that Dr. Winkler tortured the baby for two hours, the reviewer is instigating a personal attack on Dr. Winkler, and her long-standing reputation of excellence as a “board certified” pediatrician.  By “witnessing” this from the waiting room” (even though it was his wife, he was not present, and his wife wasn’t in the exam room) the reviewer’s viewpoint was completely removed from the procedure (which the review is about).  


We understand that the baby - the only party (other than us) who experienced what happened - could not write the review.  He’d be really smart if he could write at five months old.


Obviously, this horrible review has been copied and pasted from another person (who was not present).  The review is both completely inaccurate and highly damaging to Heidi Winkler, M.D.’s reputation.


It is in violation of at least one of Google’s policies - however we feel it violates TWO policies.


**  Please, remove this review.  **


Additional comments by us to comments in the review:




“So she (Dr. Winkler) finally applied more anesthetic and it was then when my baby finally stopped crying after two hours of being tortured by her.”




We only applied the anesthetic one time.  Baby stopped crying within 40 seconds… and never cried again during the whole procedure, or while being handed off to mom in the waiting room - or while mom was carrying baby out of the office.  Two hours of being tortured… NOT TRUE.




When we came in his whole area was swollen and in blood it was horrible no mother or father should have to see this or live this my heart was broken. 




Yes, every circumcision involves physically cutting the foreskin of the [censored].  That’s what the procedure is.  The reason most doctors do not perform these after two months is that when the baby is over two months of age, the risk of complications from the procedure increase.  Often circumcisions result in applying sutures to stop blood and keep the skin intact while healing.  When the baby is over two months old, this is almost always mandatory.  So, when the mom saw the sutures, she became “wild” and shrieked “what have you done to my baby?” - Yes, the area looked horrible, skin had been cut, there were sutures.  Visible blood was very minimal because we had cleaned up the area after the procedure.  In all, baby bled about two teaspoons full of blood - which is a little more than a “typical” circumcision on a baby who is two months old - nevermind a baby that is a little over five (5) months old.  In reality, two teaspoons of blood is amazing considering the baby’s advanced age of five months.


The baby was handed to the mom (who was in the waiting room the whole time).  Dr. Winkler showed mom the circumcision site, and pointed out that it looks (with the sutures) worse than it really is.  The mom wanted to leave right away with the baby, however Dr. Winkler told mom to stay for at least one hour so we could monitor the baby for any changes.  Playing it safe.  We do this because if there are any complications (such as bleeding again) we can take care of it right away.  After an hour, we (mom and Dr.) examined the baby again and all looked good.  Even mom agreed.  No excessive bleeding.  After being given final instructions - “don’t touch the site, don’t have anything - including diapers - touch the area, “air dry”, prevent the baby from touching the area, etc. - mom left the office, appearing even satisfied.


To follow up, about four hours later, Dr. Winkler called the mom.  This time (for the first time) mom answered her phone. Mom said there were no problems and everything was fine.  


Several hours after this, mom called Dr. Winkler.  Mom was frantic - hysterical and screaming that there was “lots of blood”.  Now, unless someone messed with the sutures, or a diaper rubbed up against it, this would be unlikely.  The sutures were put in expertly and carefully.  The baby was examined thoroughly one hour after the procedure.  The sutures would not have come loose on their own.


At this point, Dr. Winkler told the mom to take the baby to the nearest Emergency Room.


Dr. Winkler actually met the mom and the baby at the Emergency Room - even though she was not affiliated with that particular hospital.  (What doctor would do that?) -  Anyway, the ER doctor didn’t know anything at all about circumcisions, so Dr. Winkler suggested that the ER doctor have this baby transferred to Children’s Hospital.


- - - -



The doctor at Children’s Hospital who saw this baby told Dr. Winkler that the circumcision was fine - even using the word “perfect” considering the advanced (5+ months) age of the baby when this procedure was performed.  He said it looked like someone had messed with the stitches.  Therefore, he add a few more sutures.  Baby was kept for an hour or so for supervision, and released to the mom.

- - - -


With the above in mind, please remove this review as we believe it violates your terms of service by “not describing a personal consumer experience” and because of her (I mean her husband, who wrote copied and pasted his wife’s review) claims that we “tortured her baby for two hours.”


I guess the mom expected the baby to stop crying and screaming instantly when she handed him off to our female assistant.  Of course, this didn’t happen.  Within two minutes, the mom would not have heard any crying or screaming during the exam due to the local anesthesia - which both numbed all pain and made the baby tired enough to fall in and out of sleep during the entire procedure.  Implying that “torture” went on for two hours is completely untrue and highly damaging to the reputation of a highly experienced “board certified” pediatrician who has performed hundreds (if not thousands) of circumcisions over the last 30 years or so.


P.S. - If you’d like, Heidi Winkler, M.D. can provide you with the name and phone number of the doctor at Children’s Hospital who had to “clean up” the sutures.  He’ll tell you that the circumcision looked perfect - especially for the age at which it had to be done.


Please remove review.


Thank you!

1 Expert replyverified_user

Please help remove a review on our business. We believe eview violates two (2) Google policies.

Top Contributor
# 2
Top Contributor



I am saddened to hear that someone has abused the Google review system to bring negative marks against you or your business.


While the Google My Business team here in this community cannot take action for you, I would like to provide some information to you that I hope does help with this unfortunate situation.


I would like to first point out that Google will only remove reviews that violate the Google Review Policies. In order for you to empower Google to assist you, please find the offending review and flag it. You can use this information to learn more about this process, along with instructions on how to flag it and what the review polices clearly state as violations.


Next, I would suggest that you respond to the false review with a very specific response. It is very important that you do not cuss and scream or attack the reviewer as this will only harm your reputation with prospective customers that read your reply. A bad review, whether real or fake, does far less harm than a bad reply to a review.


Please use this information from Google that discusses in detail how to respond. You can also simply copy & paste the following response:


“Hi, [insert reviewer’s name,]

We take these matters very seriously, and unfortunately, we have no record or recollection of any customer experience fitting this account, nor can we verify anything about your identity from your name in our records. Also, our staff did not experience any situation close to this, so we believe you have reviewed the wrong business. If you feel you were a customer of ours, we would like to investigate this issue with you, so please do contact us immediately."


Now I know this is not how you want to reply but it is the right way.


I must stress that if you cannot reply in a friendly & professional manner… do not reply at all. But not replying is not ideal, so put on your happy face and visit your happy space and present something eloquent to the world.


As I stated earlier, there is not much more I can do for you with regards to the fake review. Flag it, reply and leave the rest to the Google’s team of auditors.


Because of the high level of users with Google reviews, the audit can take several days or even some weeks to complete.


While you wait, work on getting any family or employees to flag the review and then move forward to gaining more 5-star reviews from your actual customers.  


It is my sincere hope that everything works out as it should for you.


Kind Regards,



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