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Please Help. My listing is not appearing when I type in my business name.

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My Business name is Barnstaple Family Mediation. Yet when I put this in to search for it, my competitor's business listing pops up - see below. This applies whether I use Chrome or Internet Explorer.


The address for the business is The Barnstaple Chiropractic Centre, 20 Bickington Road Barnstaple. EX31 2DB - 01271 320761


The business listing was created and completed about 10 weeks ago. I have contacted google ten times yet it has still not appeared. Every time they look at my listing and I am told - it will appear in two days. But it doesn't. Today I was told the reason why my listing does not appear is because my competitor must have a stronger website that mine. Ok but surely the whole point of having a listing is that appears somewhere. It can be below my competitor - I don't care..As long as it appears.


I would just like to know what it is I am doing wrong and how to fix it in simple steps. I have clients who would write reviews on my listings but if my listing doesn't appear how can this happen?? I am not good with computers - so please make it easy. Is it because I operate from another business premises? If so, how do I can around that? I feel that Google holds the key for my future business success or failure so its been a nightmare so far. If you could help then thank you.

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Re: Please Help. My listing is not appearing when I type in my business name.

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as far as I can see your verified business appears on GMaps:
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Please Help. My listing is not appearing when I type in my business name.

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Our business is in the same situation. I have called Google what has felt like a 100+ times trying to figure things out with them, and nothing really seems to help. The only thing that I have been noticing that kind of makes an impact is setting up the Google + page and adding weekly relevant content to your page. Use content that relates mostly to your industry and things you feel that your potential customers would want to see and interact with.

Best of luck Pippa.

Re: Please Help. My listing is not appearing when I type in my business name.

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Thanks Benjamin. It's scary how much power Google has over my livelihood.
It's like renting a shop in a mall owned and ran by Google. You set up your
shop front - in this case photos and a description of what you offer. You
name your shop so clients know what to expect yet Google put a giant screen
in front of it so no one can see you and direct your clients to your
competitor whilst you sit there and wonder why you aren't getting any calls.

And when you contact them to ask why they aren't displaying your business
listing - they tell you the same thing every time - it will appear in 48
hours. Or they send you the same automated email response - I have
literally about ten of them now. I know the script to the video by heart.

80% + of people use Google as their search engine so I am literally in a
corner. I expect the call centre in India are sick of me - I'm on first
names terms with four of them. But this is serious. It's my business. It's
about paying the bills and putting food on the table.

I'm currently logging every contact I have with Google and if the problem
doesn't get resolved, I'll be contacting a consumer programme. I can't be
the only person with this issue - as your response has shown. I don't want
to make a fuss but neither do I want to go out of business.

Thank you for your suggestion. I have a Google + page set up but I will
ensure that I put up to date articles on it. Fingers crossed that will

Please Help. My listing is not appearing when I type in my business name.

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if you compare your location on the Google Map vs your competitor's location you will see that they are like feet away from the center of Barnstaple. Your address on the other hand is a few miles away.  

Here is a link to your Google Map vs. Barnstaple's location on Google map.

it appears that the long and lat given to center of Barnstaple is 51.0818338,-4.0933905 - you can see that in their Google Map url address.  Perhaps adding a bunch of high quality images to your Google + listing and optimizing the images with this long and lat would help.
in addition, you need to send your clients to your Google Maps listing using the link above and ask them to give you a Review there.  You should also go to your Google + page and add a long description optimizing it with the Postal Codes of Barnstaple and surrounding can list them as Areas you serve, for instance.

Then you should take the time to locate directories and first see if you are listed in these local directories and if you are you should claim the listing and edit any information they have on you, take the time to write unique description on each, again optimizing it with Barnstaple descriptors, like popular landmarks etc,  and link it to your website. And if these local directories do not have your listing, then create one.

you should also create a listing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, optimize them with your NAP too link them to your Google+ page...

make sure your Name, Address, Phone Number (i.e. NAP) is identical in every single place you add your name online... You want as many citations as possible, preferably on quality, relevant sites and also on Web 2.0 social media sites.

send out a Press Release to gain backlinks from high authority news sites.

Just flood the internet with your NAP plus articles and content optimized for your keywords and eventually you can take over the coveted spot your competitor now has.  

Hope this helps give you some actionable steps.... there are a lot more but this is a good start. You may want to hire someone to do this for you or possibly find someone to find you leads and you only pay per lead is another thing to consider.