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Photos from the web

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Hi guys, I noticed when I looked up businesses photos, there were some labeled "From the web" and had 2 links below the photo. "Visit page" and "View original image"
How do you get photos of businesses from your website to be displayed?
Here's an example for reference. (Yes, I was looking for ice cream)
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Re: Photos from the web

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Here's another example where the "From the web" photo displaying and linking to the wrong business.!1s0x52ea7a0662cfd96d%3A0x18f7201b53639!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1...





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Re: Photos from the web

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Hi @Johann Generao


Google is at the moment tightening up their algorithms that detect images because they displaying images that are NOT of the business whose page they are on.


So what is happening at the moment is that Google will find a web page call Ice cream and find an image titled ice cream. The algo then matches it to the business page called ice cream.


Clearly this is not ideal, because it displays other peoples images and site that is totally unrelated to the business.


Now, if you wanted your image to appear on another business page, your web page should be about the business page in question.


So, if you want to appear on Jim's Ice Cream Shop, you would need to have a web page about Jim's Ice cream shop and images that are titled and possible alt image text using Jim's Ice cream shop.


Once Googlebot finds your web page and images, then it probably needs to tell the Maps bot that I have an image for Jims Ice cream shop, with the image eventually appearing on the Jims business page.


FYI: Most images at the moment, come from business directory type pages, so no guarantee that your image will be displayed, if at all. Depending on how strict they make the image selection criteria over time.


This is the problem:



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Re: Photos from the web

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Thanks @TimCapper. Appreciate the detailed response. It's concerning but glad to hear Google is already correcting it.

Re: Photos from the web

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I'm trying to solve a photo - issue on a Google Businnes account. I'm trying to update the profile picture. Everything is confirmed with a PIN and in the Google Business dashboard everything looks correctly. But when I search up my profile in Google the profile picture remains the same as before. It's a picture downloaded from another website and I 'm not able to remove it.
What should I do?

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