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Photo with Business Listing is not an Uploaded Photo

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"Sway the Crowd" currently has a business listing and verified address.


However, when searching "Sway the Crowd," the business listing does not contain photos I uploaded to our Google Business page. Instead, there is a photo pulled "from the web." The photo "from the web" was published in an article a few years ago and is very outdated.


I tried setting our "Preferred photo" when editing our Google Business page, but neither the cover or profile images have appeared in the outdated photo's place.


Is there a way to prevent photos "from the web" from appearing in our business listing? 


Thank you in advance! 

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January 2017

Photo with Business Listing is not an Uploaded Photo

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Follow the steps at to flag the image as "This photo is not helpful for understanding what this place looks like" or "This photo contains advertising, large logos, or a super-imposed image."


There is no way to prevent photos from the web from appearing -- the best step you could take is to should contact the publication and have them remove the photo from their website before you flag it.  Once it is removed (the image link itself returns either a 404 or 301),  it can take up to 30 days for a change, if the change is approved.  


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Photo with Business Listing is not an Uploaded Photo

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Dear Google,


I am updating Google Business Profile photo our company logo but now showing another photo as a profile photo. 

So kindly give me suggestions for the same, as soon as possible. 

Please find attached screeshot.


Thank You


Muez-Hest India Pvt. Ltd.