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Our listing doesn't show for some services we offer

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We're an HVAC company in brooklyn NY. Our listing is setup, verified, etc for over 14 months. HVAC is very competetive with many listings in Brooklyn. Our listing is not very high on the list but at least we show up for all or most of the relevant search terms. However, one service we offer doesn't show which is installation & repair of walk in coolers, walk in freezers. When you do a search for 'walk in cooler brooklyn', there's only 4 listings, and we don't show. I have searched all relevant terms (walk in cooler, walk in freezer, walk in refrigeration) for Brooklyn and we don't show. I even used the chrome developer tools to specify the geolocation and do a search right from our business address, but we have no listing. I even searched our neighborhood 'walk in cooler crown heights NY', nothing, only 2 listings. 

We have 2 full pages dedicated to this specific service. It is listed a few times on our home page and on our main menu. The relevant Google My business categories have always been there: Refrigerator repair service, Commercial Refrigeration, Commercial Refrigerator Supplier. We also run Adwords with these keywords. Google has every indication that we offer this service yet we don't show for it at all. 

Any Ideas ?