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Not showing when competitors are open nearby

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Our business is located at the same address (same building) as the competitors in the same business category.
The difference in our addresses is just the suit numbers. 
We always had problems with our listing showing on the maps. However, recently our competitors closed their location and we immediately started showing up on maps in our well deserved high position! We got more than 90 reviews from our clients and a rating of 4.9, and we are very visible in our business category.
Long story short, our competitors opened back their location in the same building and the same day our listing disappeared from Maps. 
We are now an invisible business with many dozens of happy customers reviews, but nobody can see us on maps!
What can be done about that? It is not about rankings, it is black and white - when we are showing on the maps we are on the top spot, but most of the time we are invisible.
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Not showing when competitors are open nearby

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@Alex P

short answer - your information provided about the concrete business in question are too sparse.


Please include the following with your question:
1. Full business name
2. Current business address
3. Current telephone number
4. GoogleMaps Link or GoogleSearch link


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile