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Not showing on Google Maps or search in the area under Insurance

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Karen Thomas Agency, 30710 Beck Rd Novi MI 48377  248-301-0011


We are not show when you zoom dow non google maps and we don't show under insurance in the area on Google Maps.


We are also not popping up well on searches and we are getting very little for our Google My Business search dollars. 


How to I enhance all of this?



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Not showing on Google Maps or search in the area under Insurance

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Hi Scott,

Is this your listing? It is going to be hard for you to show up really well without your own website with lots of local and industry-specific content because so many others are competing in the same space. You can optimize your listing by taking advantage of all the features. Some of them are ways to engage with your customers, check out some of these other great features like add pictures and 30-second videos, types of pictures to add,  business descriptionsmessaging and Q&A. As you accumulate more reviews your listing will show up better and better.

There are several ways to get to the link and here is one.  Some changes in code even have gotten the user to the stars being filled out. I have not kept lists of all of them but hope to accumulate more.

Step one find your listing id because It is part of the second step.

Here is the link

Look us the ID for your listing. It may take some variations in the search they do not always show up the first way.


The ID number looks something like this  ChIJnwHDf19-44kRxwzLnSsDQPU


Then you take the link structure of


After the = add the number you found for your listing.

So in this example, the link that works for the company commented on above is

It works with the Chrome browser.


Here is more information on asking for reviews and the review process.


I hope this answers your question.


Thanks for asking,




David W Cox, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Not showing on Google Maps or search in the area under Insurance

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Hi @Scott T


In addition to what @David W Cox said, I would like to add that Google My Business is completely free for all business, and you should not have to spend and "Google My Business search dollars". So, if you are paying anyone right now, you can stop (unless they provide real value to your business, i.e. constantly help you optimize your online presence).