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Not Able to Choose Brisbane as My Service Area

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Hello Googlers,


I am Trying to choose Brisbane City as my service area for my Carpet Cleaning & Pest Control Business but when I enter Brisbane in the Service area field, it returns Queensland as the chosen area. Queensland is quite bigger then my targeted area, that we all know.
Please help me out on this, as it is costing me a lot of business around here. Is that an error with Google or something else, because when I try to choose another city then its working fine but only Brisbane is not appearing.


 My Business Details are Below:

1. Full business name: SafeClean Carpets & Pest Control Services
2. Current business address: Brisbane QLD(That is what showing on Google)
3. Current telephone number: (07) 3823 2333
4. Google Maps URL:
5. Website:



Gaurav P.