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Nickname? that links to same business?

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1) business name is increaseyourv

2) Kittery Business Center, 72 Route 236 Suite 201, Kittery, ME, US

3) (207) 619-4568



I was wondering if there was a way to associate the words "increaseyourv", as well as, "increase your v" (note spaces between words) with the same business. Or do I have to create 2 separate businesses?




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Re: Nickname? that links to same business?

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@Andrew T


not sure I understood your question Andrew


you write or ask about "business" but I suspect you meant or refer to  "business page".


A "business" is any kind of doing in the real world with customers.

Used to be a business is owned by a business owner and he get a certain income from it and the owner will pay tax for the business according the rules in his country.

In terms of GoogleMyBusiness there isn't such thing as a "nickname" for a business.

You are supposed to use for your business page of GoogleMyBusiness the name you are using for your business in the real world.

In case your business is called "increaseyourv" then this should be the names of your page of GoogleMyBusiness.

In case your business is called in the real world as "increase your v"  or "increase your vitaly" then use this as the name of your business.

And nope you can't have for your one business (what ever might be its real name) two (or more) business pages  like -lets say- 



"increase your v" 

"increase your vitaly"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile