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New estate, google maps postcode wrong

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my information on google+ is correct for my business but if i search on google for my business then on google maps my post code is wrong.


i live on a new build estate and google maps doesn't actually show the street yet but does recognize the post code and will give you the directions option.


my question is how do i edit the post code on google maps?


thanks, Andy 

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New estate, google maps postcode wrong

Google Small Business Advisor
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Google Small Business Advisor

Hi, Andy,


I'm Ray Sidney-Smith, one of the Google Small Business Advisors here in the Google Small Business community. Good to meet you.


In order to correct the Google Maps issue, I would go to and browse to your location. In the bottom-right of your screen you'll see a "Send Feedback" link for you to choose an appropriate option and let the Google Maps team know about the correction needed. It may take some time for the update to take place, but that's the route I would take.



Ray S.