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I just claimed my Google my business page and having some issues.


1. I would like to know how I can change my category from (Pest Controllers) to (Pest Controllers in the city of Wollongong, NSW 2500)?


2. How do you have your business show on the map with that red shopping bag smiley face?


3. My business is called Trusted Pest & Termite Control, but when I search pest control Wollongong, my business does not show. When I search termite control Wollongong, the business appears. How can I get it appear when I search pest control Wollongong?



Re: Need help

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Hi @Trusted P


I hope these responses assist with your queries:


1. 'Category' must be chosen from the pre-determined list only and can't be customised in the way you suggested. (Google uses other information like your address to realise that your business is in Wollongong so ensure your other business information is 100% filled out and consistent with any other online listings you have).


2. Icons are automatically added and determined as part of Google's algorithm. You can read more here.

PS: Perhaps it's just me... but I'm not sure that a pest controller would qualify for a red shopping bag and a smiley face :)


3. This question comes up a bit and has been answered in other threads such as this one.


In short -

There is a difference between the organic listings and map/business listings in Google, as well as reasons why each may/may not appear when searching for your exact business name or phone number Vs general category keywords.


Also, this video from Google gives a full explanation and covers some of the possible reasons in more detail: 

I can’t find my business on Google


To get your business listing appearing higher organically in search results, you are getting into the realm of SEO and you might be best to speak to a professional in your area for more advice.


I hope this is of some help.