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Need confirmation on Reviews transfert.

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I need your advice on reviews transfert. 


I am a wedding photographer, I have 2 website certified by google (A) and (B) . A is in the USA, B is in France. They are almost the same except the language.


I will move next year in France (B), and I will definitively close (A). 


So I just wanted your advice : 

Should I start to ask my USA customer to write their review on my French (B) google page, or still on my USA (A) one,  then ask Google to transfert my reviews (A->B) ? 

I have found this page :


I guess it should be ok to move my reviews, but given it's not the same name, and the same country, I prefer to be sure !! Reviews from client are hard to get ! So I would prefer not lose them when I will close my USA website (A).


USA website (A)

1. Full business name  : French Touch Photography
2. Current business address : 1262 17th Ave NW, Rochester MN.
3. Current telephone number : 5072714248
4. Google Maps URL :
5. Website (if applicable)  :


French website (B)

1. Full business name : Objectif-mariage
2. Current business address  : 33 rue Philipe de Girard, Paris, France
3. Current telephone number : 06 49 73 21 32
4. Google Maps URL,2.3592758,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1...
5. Website (if applicable)  :





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Need confirmation on Reviews transfert.

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Hi ,

help please.

Any idea ? 

I will ask review very soon. I deeply need to know what to do before.

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Need confirmation on Reviews transfert.

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reveiws are intended for a certain listing of a location or its service area.

I don't beleive Google will transfer reveiws made for your French listing to your US listing or vice versa

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Need confirmation on Reviews transfert.

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Oh .... that's a pretty bad news for all my past reviews .
it's the absolute same job.

Need confirmation on Reviews transfert.

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You are right. I asked for a transfert, so a guy from Google call me (from a call center with a terrible indian accent.. and given that my english is not super good neither, it was quite "funny"). 
Well, he explained me that if I wish to transfert in the same country it would not be a problem, but from 2 country like that it's impossible ....