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My verified business is not coming up in searches or on maps.

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I have a single location business listing that is not coming up in searches or in maps. When I log into my business it shows that it is verified and that it is published. I have tried searching from different devices on different networks. It is gone. My phone has stopped ringing. Help.

Emergency Roadside Assistance of Middle TN

4333 Cap Davis Ct. Murfreesboro, TN 37129


Cant get maps URL

No website


Re: My verified business is not coming up in searches or on maps.

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Hi @Ashley R


I've had a look at this and (from what I can see) can confirm that your business is showing up, even when searching from all the way over in Australia:




To clarify - are you searching for your exact match business name or general/category keywords?


1. If your business listing has been verified and you search for your exact business name or phone number, your listing should appear.


2. If you search for a business category or keywords related to your business - or category, location (for example 'emergency roadside assistance') your business listing may not appear. How Google determines which businesses appear in the second case is decided from over 200 factors.


This video from Google is a full explanation and covers some of the possible reasons in more detail: 

I can’t find my business on Google


PS: You mention that the phone has stopped ringing... could there be any other explanation for that?


I hope this is of some help and if there was a legitimate issue here, that it is now resolved.