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My google plus listing won't show up

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I'm managing a google plus page for a dental office "Aurora Dentrix" at 111 Oak Street,  North Aurora, IL. (630) 892 6515.  The office has 33 reviews (more than any of the other dental offices in town) and is one of only 5 dental offices (its a small town). Unfortunately, when I type in the name of the town "north aurora" and "dentist" it doesn't appear at all in the list. In fact I even see dental offices from neighboring towns. Trying to figure out how to fix this issue. The page has been optimized, has pictures, links to the website, hours, etc. etc. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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December 2016

My google plus listing won't show up

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You might want to review Google's recommendations on GMB ranking factors:


Also, the quality of the website connected to the GMB listing seems to affect results. "SEO best practices also apply to local search optimization."   So I would work on the website's overall SEO and quality.


You also have to understand how Google Maps work.  It is very location-dependent.  If you use the AdWords preview tool ( and use 60542 as the location and "dentist near me" as the search term, you will see that your listing appears.  

When I search for "Dentists in North Aurora, IL" on regular Google Maps, I do see you.  Unfortunately, at the default zoom your office is underneath North Aurora Dental Associates (zoom in, you will eventually see your office and theirs).


Googling yourself is actually a poor way to evaluate how well your GMB listing is doing.  Use the Insights within your GMB listing and Search Console for overall performance to evaluate your true current status and to evaluate the impact listings and websites changes have.



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