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My google plus listing won't show up

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I verified G business plus and map for maybe 4-5 weeks ago -

but i dont see the google plus listing appearing in google


i only see my map listing appear when i google something like the buss. name plus adress 'flying snake 155 marlee'


obviously i want the G buss plus listing to appear organically so customer can easily see the 5 star ratings and easily review my business.


please advise..





My google plus listing won't show up

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Hi @Matija K


This question comes up a bit.


There are two possible cases here:


1. If your business listing has been verified and you search for your exact business name or phone number, your listing should appear.


2. If you search for a business category or keywords related to your business - or category, location (for example 'branding companies Canada') your business listing may not appear. How Google determines which businesses appear in the second case is decided from over 200 factors, some of which (in the map display) may be weighted towards location.


This video from Google is a full explanation and covers some of the possible reasons in more detail: 

I can’t find my business on Google


Beyond this, exploring ways for your business to appear higher in the organic search results listings in Google is moving into the realm of SEO. If this is a requirement for your business, it might be worth discussing your options with an SEO professional in your area.


I hope this answers your query and is of some help.

My google plus listing won't show up

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Thanks but the video is not providing a solution..


you see i have two businesses - and i verified and listed them, and they appear in maps- and they have 5 star ratings.. google even emailed saying 'claim your custom url now for flying snake... yet neither nor my other site seme to have normal google bus + pages.. though i have reviews, some company info, pics, all i can find is this by digging in my logged in backend... of course both bus have had the google letter with mail verification sent and both are supposed ot be published G.buss+ accounts.. what the hell am i missing..

Jesus, i work in this industry, how can the workflow and process be this unfriendly..




Re: My google plus listing won't show up

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Hi @Matija K


I'm not sure if I'm missing something here...


The the 2 Google+ links provided do seem to be Google+ pages, displayed with the new Google+ layout.


There is an article about the new layout here.


Re maps -


When I search for 'Flying Snake Design & Development Toronto', I seem to get the standard business map listing in Google SERPs:




I can interact with the items here - for example, when I click the map, it loads the usual map listing with map marker (below).

Reviews and photos are displayed.




Sorry that I can't be of more help.