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My business is verified but something is wrong in the way its displaying the locations

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Our business is called Pizza Moncur (details at the end of this post).   We  have just opened a new (our second) pizza restaurant and have 2 issues .  It is impacting us financially as our business listings are not displaying properly - especially the new store in randwick.  I cant get to talk to anyone at Google and  I would actually pay to have someone fix it - or to be able to talk to a human at Google - but cant seem to reach any - can somone help ???


First problem:  I have a pizza business with 2 locations.   The business (2 locations/sites 'Pizza moncur randwick' & 'pizza moncur woollahra'.) are not displaying properly on search. When you search for 'pizza moncur' you DO NOT get summary info about Pizza Moncur with a map showing both locations (our competitor 'crust pizza' has this) but instead you get just 'pizza moncur woollahra' coming up - just one of the 2 sites? . If you search 'pizza moncur randwick' you also get pizza moncur Woollahra coming up also. If you search 'pizza moncur clovelly' you get 'pizza moncur randwick' so clearly both are verified but randwick doesnt come up if you type in pizza moncur randwick!!!.


Plus 2) our listing shows you can order from "". This is INCORRECT & COSTING us money.  They take a big cut and no longer sell our pizzas  - Link should be to our website - there are 2 specific pages for ordering for each store (menus different etc) on our web - how can we get those pages not the delivery hero one up there.  If they have paid to be there this is surely verging on illegal ?  Can anyone / Google anyone help us get this changed ????


1. Full business name - Pizza moncur

2.  Over-arching website

3.  Store websites - links off main website: and
4. Current business address - Pizza moncur woollahra:  Corner Queen street and Moncur street Woollahra, Queen St, Sydney NSW 2025

Current business address - Pizza moncur Randwick: Pizza Moncur Randwick is located at 76 clovelly rd, randwick
5. Current telephone number to discuss this issue - not store - 0403079663


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Re: My business is verified but something is wrong in the way its displaying the locations

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@Paul H


how to tell you best way  bad news?


Starting with your own bad:


at first:

both listings are named against Googles guidelines as they contain the location name as part of the Google MyBusiness name.


you are not supposed and nobody can enforce it getting listed all his businesses if searching for two words of the name of listings  having three words as name.


I btw get the randwick listing searching for "Pizza moncur randwick near randwick"

And I get the woollhara listing for "Pizza moncur woollhara near woollhara"


Next point are oyur websites:


the website attached to the "Pizza moncur woollhara" is and it lists  both locations.

The website attached to the listing in Randwick is restricted on Randwick

And it shows btw the name of the business is clearly not "Pizza Moncur Randwick" but it is 

"Pizza Moncur" (store front photo)





Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile