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My business is not showing up on Google search when searched by keywords

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I opened a new business last month. It's called Grand Nails Lounge. However, when i just search "nail Salon" in the area, my business doesn't show up in google maps. I've listed "nail Salon" under categories. How can I change it so when someone looks for nail salon in the area, my business will pop up like others?




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My business is not showing up on Google search when searched by keywords

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Hi Neil, 

Google uses 3 rough factors to decide which businesses to display to users. In your area there's likely dozens, if not hundreds of nail salons, so you know there has to be some kind of a system Google uses to decide which to display. Here are the three factors Google looks at:

Position: how close is the user to your location? The closer someone is to your new location, the more likely they'll see you in the map results. 

Relevance: Does Google think your business is relevant to the searcher's request? Choosing the right category for your business is part of letting Google know what you do, so it's good you took the time to fully fill out your profile. There's a lot more to it though than that, including having an easy to use website that loads quickly, establishing some reviews on your Google listing, and so on.

Prominence: This is where the real work is. Google's most interested in presenting established, trustworthy businesses that are well known in the community. New businesses will often need to wait 3~6 months before they start to break into the relevant search results, even if they're doing a lot of PR work to establish themselves and build up some publicity. How are you getting the word out about your new business? In particular, as other relevant, local websites talk about you and link to your website, that's when you'll start to see your business start to get more exposure. 

On the plus side, in the meantime you might at least start seeing your business showing for people looking for a nail salon that live within a quarter mile of your location. 

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