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My business does not show up on google maps when searched by keywords

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Hello community,


I was hoping to get some clarification as to how Google Maps provides results by keyword. When I search "Bridal Orlando" in Google Search and Google Maps Android App my business appears in the search results. However, when I type in "Bridal Orlando" in my business does not show up in the search results. Is there a reason that doesn't have the same keyword searches? If so, any tips for optimizing the search?


Thank you in advance. 



Business: One & Only Bridal Boutique



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June 2016

Re: My business does not show up on google maps when searched by keywords

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Hi @one only b

Sure, I'd be happy to help round things out a bit. 

For starters, yes... there's not just one algorithm that decides how everything ranks, it's different depending on what you're looking at. If you're interested in nerding out a little bit, there was an interesting article by one of the top contributors here that can give you a little sense at least of how deep this rabbit hole can go.

To give you some useful advice though... first, when searching on your phone, your actual physical location is a huge factor. You might be seeing your business show up purely because you're nearby. For the phone at least, it weight's things pretty heavily if they're a few miles away. 

One of the things that matters beyond location, is how well your website ranks. For Orlando Bridal, your site came up on page 2. For your site itself, adding your city, state to the title and H1 tags can help. Adding proper schema, adding a map that connects with your business listing to your contact page (here's one way to do that) having your name, address, and phone number on every page, having your phone number formatted (xxx) xxx-xxxx instead of, and adding proper alt/title tags to the images on your site can all help. I noticed too you don't have much in the way of other sites linking to your site... majesticSEO only found links from Here's one place you can start looking for new backlinks. Give your industry though, I'd highly recommend you start keeping in touch with the photographers/wedding planners involved in the weddings you're a part of, and if there's going to be any blog posts/features of that wedding, ask for a mention as well. Reviews matter too, so make sure you're asking customers to leave a review. Definitely shoot for getting at least 5 reviews, you'll get the review stars there.
I'd use this link:

I made it with this tool from Keep in mind it may stop working at some point, Google's always changing what works and doesn't make it easy for business owners to ask for reviews unfortunately, so keep an eye on things. 


If you want to learn more about how Google chooses what to rank where, a brilliant study was just posted on local SEO guide. You can check it out here:

Hope that helped!



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