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My Review (and a friend's) Never Posted

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Hi there,

I've recently reviewed a pet store that my roommates and I had a bad experience with. We all three decided to write bad reviews. But only one of our reviews went through. Outside of our respective google accounts, if you just look up the reviews for PetPeople, the two reviews below do not show up. I've read around and I understand that having a lot of review suddenly, as well as having the same IP address, could be possible reasons that the other two reviews have not gone through. But this doesn't make sense because chronologically, I wrote my reviews first (see: London Hu), Cee Kay wrote his second, and my last roommate - the only one to have their review go through - actually wrote the response last. I would like to rectify the situation - to  somehow verify all three of our reviews as legitimate so they may be posted as soon as possible. Any ideas? 



 review casper.pngreview london.png