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My Google review was filtered?

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I wrote a review on a google page but when I logged out and tried to look up for my review, it was not shown. I did not even receive any message saying it was filtered or anything, and I do not think that violates any google policies, can anybody take a look? 


The page is here:


My review:


Some staff here may not be completely honest.

I visited here on 10/25/2017 for an allergy test and started to take allergy shots, they filed two claims for the allergy shot, one on 10/25 and another on 11/06, each with about a thousand dollars. I called their billing department why there was a claim of allergy test on 11/06, the lady went to talk with *someone* and replied to me that they did another test on 11/06 so I accepted at that time.

Maybe they did do some test? But the fact is, no. I checked the claims again and saw the two claims had identical codes, so I went to talk with the front desk and then the nurse who gave the allergy shots. I confirmed with them that on 11/06 I had no test at all, only a nursery visit for allergy shots. The front desk found the lady of the billing department and she came to talk to me, and she was still trying to convince me that they did another test on 11/06. After she went to talk to the nurse and confirmed that there was no test done, she came back and said to me that the first item of the claim will be changed (about six hundred) but the second item (about four hundred) should remain because it was for allergy shot. The problem is, that code has 19 items, but each allergy shot should have 1 item and its claim is about thirty dollars. Finally she agreed to change the whole claim.

In summary, they filed two claims for one allergy test and tried to convince me there were two tests done. I and my insurance company have paid two thousand dollars (I paid five hundred), and if I did not check it further, we will never get the one thousand dollars back.

It has been two weeks since the conversation and we are still waiting on the change of the claim. I will check with them again next week.