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Missing Google Reviews - What a useless process.

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As a small, local marketing company, we of all people understand the importance of receiving a review from a customer. It gives you a sense of pride and helps you expose the hard work that you do for one person, to hundreds of thousands of new and potential customers. So why is it that these reviews - which many businesses work so hard for - are taken away without warning and disappear forever? For some, it’s a competitor trying to sabotage a business, or it could be a customer that deletes the review. But the other possibility stems from Google and their monopoly of a company that feels that it is their personal responsibility to “weed out the bad eggs”, even if a good egg gets caught in the bunch.


Like every other “customer” of Google’s products, we took to the support team first to get to the bottom of our problems and were met with guarded walls and defensive mechanisms that were designed to be used against grieving customers. There was no call for resolution and no attempt to escalate it further than their team, so our concerns fell on deaf ears. Our three most recent 5-star reviews were removed from our page, but two negative reviews had been left at the top of the page and that seemed a more than a little suspicious.


So now, like every other customer who’s received reviews, only to have them taken away without any rhyme or reason, we ask what’s the point of this process? We have reviews that are considered spammy and irrelevant to our business - like many other businesses do - but these stayed on our page.  The ones that belong to legitimate customers who paid us to provide them a service can disappear at any time, thanks to a process that wasn’t fully thought out and has shown no signs of improving. We’re calling for someone to review this process now and hope that this will end the unnecessary removal of real reviews, or at least create a way for Google to reinstate them with proper documentation or approval from a real human being. We don’t think that’s too much to ask.


Business Name: BizIQ

Address: 3627 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85018

Phone Number: 480-685-9433



Missing Google Reviews - What a useless process.

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Hi Danni, 

Joy Hawkins, another TC here recently wrote an article going in depth on the reasons why reviews can be filtered. Read through the list, you might see a reason jump out as to why you lost your three reviews. If they all originated from the same IP address for example, that could explain what happened. 

I get it, small marketing agencies (or any other B2B business really) tends to have a small number of clients, so review flow is low. Losing 3 can be a big blow to morale, but it's still necessary if you intend on using Google as a source of new leads for the business. You probably already know how to ask customers to leave reviews in the right way, but if not, use a review link and make sure customers are leaving reviews on their own devices, not on your on-location wi-fi. 

Review spam is a huge problem right now, for the majority of users it's a much more serious issue than losing the 3~5% of valid reviews that most small businesses have to put up with. For what it's worth, I do think that we're going to see some really cool advancements in Google's review spam algorithm in the next two years, but for now, we all have to do the best we can with what's here. It's definitely a problem though, Joy wrote another article talking about it, so at least you know there's other people that agree: work needs to be done. 

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