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Merging Google+ Brand Pages

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I recently discovered that the business I represent has three different Google+ brand pages:


I have ownership access on all three pages. All three are brand pages, NOT Google My Business local listings.

Page #2 has the most followers, and Page #3 is currently connected to our YouTube channel. All three pages are being viewed.


Is it possible to merge these three pages together? I am concerned about losing any data or other Google services these pages might be connected to, and would like to consolidate our Google+ brand communication to one page. Thanks!

Re: Merging Google+ Brand Pages

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It is not possible to merge Brand Pages.

One thing you can do is move your YouTube channel from #3 to #2. When you do that, your Google account must be the Owner of the YouTube channel Page (at least temporarily).

You can follow these instructions:

And if you have questions, you can ask over in the YouTube help forum:!forum/youtube