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Hello Community Members, 


I apologize it this is too wordy, never wrote in forum before. 

Need your help in clearing up Fake Review -  


We have tried to flag fake reviews that are just leaving one star and no comments replying. Flagged as advertising/spam as we have no acknowledgement of the name or the stay and unable to call us to resolve. Affecting review rating bumping us out of top 3 spots. One day get 5 star from google local guide, same day 1 star no comments. Hmm 


Regards to The Cozy Moose 



Business Listing Link - The Cozy Moose - Greenville, ME 



2 reviewers that violated lease terms, signed contract when wrote wrong information on review

1- Steve R -? Review - in prison - bad stay 

Dana R - Father signed lease  - contacted father and he acknowledged stay, but not sure who Steve R is. Appears it must be someone in your group who wrote review. Made up name and email, as it is not like we threaten to evict anyone or mention it so 2 + 2 = You? Appears it is someone in your party which wrote failing to mention contract violations. 


Steve R ???   unable to verify had Dana R  who claims he did not write review but will check with others in his party?


Rental Term 7 - Occupancy / Guests/Vehicles - unreported vehicles on premises. 

Unregistered guests - When confronted about violation - wrote bad stay review - 


Rental Term 23 - Termination/ Default/Violations - any violations of guests stated above with signed acknowledgement is grounds for eviction without refund. Failed to mention violations

Rental Term 20- No grills permitted on decks under overhangs and are to be set in a safe area. Violation - Table set up with propane grill under covered deck.  


2- C Stone - review - repeat customer in same cabin 3rd time she rented.

Rental Term 16 - Waterfront - Property use for lodging guests only. Registered guests 6 adults, 1 child 

She advised other family staying nearby, said would have to visit them max occupancy. Agreed to this initialed lease 

Sisters Kids running back and forth from beach to cabin Canoed or kayaked in to waterfront - Sister family never reported as guests, knew maximum occupancy when questioned and told to visit them as they were not lodging guests, she wrote a review complaining about things she already new - as she stayed in that cabin 2 other times. 


Spoke to Google my Business and advised 2 reviews that we had contractual agreements with and they violated the lease terms and when confronted response was to write a defamatory statements to encourage others of a bad stay not mentioning that they violated a written lease contract.  


libel statements 

The information contained in the web-space contains untrue statements, misleading, and is defamatory as they the 2 reviewers never mentioned civil violations of contract. 


Documents - Lease on line - Happy to provide documents with customers acknowledgements and details. 




Thanks to you all for your time and consideration in helping us resolve and any recommendations for expert help or if posted in wrong place please let us know.