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Making sure the right page appears in google searches

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1. Memberoo

2. 30 - 32 Westgate Buildings Bath BA1 1EF

3. 01225 581599




Up until September 2015 the company I was working for was called MyCommunity. I set up and ran a google+ page under this name. Then last September the company changed it's name, direction and product, so I created a google business page for Memberoo (details above). Now, when I google Memberoo the MyCommunity google + page appears on the right hand side. It wasn't doing this a couple of months ago. I've tried selecting the permanently closed option, but it's still there. What's happened? What can I do to make sure the Memberoo not the MyCommunity page appears? 

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Re: Making sure the right page appears in google searches

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from what I see you made the mistake to create a nw listing using the old address and phone number.

instead of yust changing the "MyCommunity" listing to "Memberoo".
Now we have the bad situation both listings appear if doing an approppriate search (I get Memberoo searchig for "Memberoo in bath BA1 UK").
My recommendation"

contact business support and ask them to redirect any search showing the closed "MyCommunity" to the opened "Memberoo" or to consider and deal "MyCommunity" as duplicate of "Memberoo"
The best way to contact business support:
contactflow & request a call back
Talk to a specialist
Global Phone Support Hours:
You can request in many (maybe not all though) countries a call back of experts of business support by phone. This should be possible on official working days and during their the day time only - try it from 9 or 10 AM until 5 or 6 PM
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile