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Knowledge Graph Not Updating

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1. Full business name: IVIO
2. Current business address: 800 N 1st Ave, Ste 3, Phoenix AZ  85003
3. Current telephone number: 602-358-3153
4. Google Maps URL:
5. Website (if applicable):


We have added photos, designated profile, logo, cover -- months ago.  None of it is showing up in the knowledge graph.  We SM icons in Structured Data -- nothing coming through.  We can't figure out why none of this is updating.  

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Re: Knowledge Graph Not Updating

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Hi @Craig B


I'm not quite sure what the expectation is, but it's clear Google isn't doing what you're wanting.I'll step through this piece by piece and then you can reply where you're believing something is wrong.  Fair enough?


First and foremost, the site should be registered with Google via Search Console.  For whatever reason, that appears to be a prerequisite in the documentation, so am mentioning that JIC.  


1) added photos,

2) designated profile,

3) logo,

4) cover

5) SM icons in Structured Data


1) The photos are added to the listing.  When you search for IVIO, you get a "see photos" box in the upper left hand corner of the Knowledge Graph card.  That's where people click through to see the images you've added.  Google has preferences as to what kind of photo goes in that square, based on the type of business. Logos are the last preference.


2, 3 & 4)  These appear at present to be left-overs from the time when GMB and G+ were tied, and we had public facing pages for business, not just the listing.  I don't know why there are still there, as they don't appear to play a definable role yet in the card display, local pack or local finder.  The fact that they haven't been removed from the dashboard leads me to think they may have a purpose further down the line.


Google has preferences as to what kind of photo goes in the "see photos" square, based on the type of business. Logos appear to be their last preference. If you see other businesses with their logo in the "see photos" section, then it's based on what images are on that listing profile and the type of business, and probably other factors we don't know about.


5) The structured data does appear to be formatted correctly in the code.  However I would recommend having it in only one block of schema rather than in both organisation and professional services.  Why Google hasn't picked it up yet and put in the KP is hard to say.  I've seen it happen quickly; I've also seen a business where it took more than 18 months to show.  My guess is there's some algorithmic factors we don't know about.


This isn't stated in guidelines anywhere, but you could also try getting one of the SameAs pages verified.  Fb is likely to be the easiest. I don't know that will help, but it won't hurt.


Once you've made those changes, if it still doesn't show after a few weeks then bump the thread and I'll see if anyone at Google will look at this.




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