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Issues with reviews

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Robin Cottage - Stidston South Brent Devon

0330 088 0688


Having issues with reviews - I am just starting out and do not have many but would like them to appear!  I had one notification from Google stating I have a 5* review! Awesome - except its not appeared.  I was told to wait 3 days .. nope still not appeared.  The review is below any reason was this would be blocked by Google? I really do not want the client to resubmit that is not fair on them considering the length of the review - Help



Byron's produced an incredible highlights video, and full DVD or our wedding at Langdon Court, July 2018. His service was incredible from start to finish.

We initially met Byron around 6 weeks before our wedding. He was really kind, personable and friendly, and genuinely took the time to get to know Kate and I, as a couple. On the day of our wedding he arrived really early in the morning for set up, and to familiarise himself with the venue, which impressed us both.

His approach when filming was fantastic. He was organised, calm and professional throughout his dealings with me (the stressed groom) on the day, which was really appreciated. What impressed me most was how unintrusive he was throughout, it was as if we hardly noticed that he was there (meant in the nicest and most complementary sense!!).

He seamlessly fitted me with a tiny (couple of mm sized) mic, which captured our vows and other snippets of lovely conversation (which otherwise would have been lost forever). When Byron originally suggested being mic'd up, I was too sure initially. I thought that perhaps it would be too intrusive and obvious, but it really wasn't, and I'm so glad Byron facilitated this for us.

Byron captured all the key natural moments of the day, as well as organising few staged moments, which we great for capturing detail, but didn't come across staged in the final edit. The staged moments weren't demanding on Kate and I, at all. We didn't want to be posing throughout the day, and we didn't have to, as Byron knew exactly what he wanted to capture in order to produce a wonderful product for us. As a result, he didn't take or demand much of our time at all on the day, meaning that we could simply enjoy ourselves.

Post-wedding, we were so impressed with how quickly Byron produced our highlights video for us, just a matter of a week or so. Unbelievable considering the amount of footage he must have had to go through. Byron promised happy tears from family members, as a reaction from family members, and he certainly delivered. All friends and family were so moved by the quality and emotion conveyed by his work.

We now can't wait to see the final extended version of our wedding day!