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Issues with business coming up in Google Maps

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Hi Google!


Otter Fencing 
12a Kitchen Road, Dandenong South VIC 3175 Australia
(03) 8791 2000


Our business has recently moved, and we are trying to get setup at the new locations through Google+ and Google Maps.


The previous person who setup the Google presence at the old location no longer works for the company, so we were unable to move the details across (I have since requested to have the ownership changed). But in the meantime I have added a new location, setup a new page in Google+ which is all verified using a post card you sent to us.


The problem is, when you search for "Otter Fencing" in Google maps it brings up the old location, and doesn't even show the new location at all. The only way to get any details of the new location is to type in the address of the new location into google maps, and at the bottom it shows the business information under "At this location".


Could you advise if I have done anything wrong when setting this up? Or what I can do to have our business come up when searching for "Otter Fencing".



Christopher Bonser



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August 2016

Re: Issues with business coming up in Google Maps

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Hi @Chris B, I would have advised you to not create a new listing, and to work with Google support to get the ownership transfer sorted out. The main reason for that is because a GMB page gains more authority the longer it exists. A brand new page loses all of that.


My suggestion in this case, since you have already verified the new location is to reach out to GMB support and request that they mark the old locations page as "moved". This should prevent it from showing up when you search for your brand. 


Let me know if you have more questions. We are here to help!

Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Issues with business coming up in Google Maps

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No worries at all, I have requested to have the ownership changed over to us, and failing that I'm assuming the GMB staff will query other options I can explore.

Just gotta wait the 7 days for a response!

Thanks muchly!