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Is it possible our Google search results are being tampered with?

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We built two websites for clients back in December - and both are now having the same problem.

You can see their maps/ places listings pop up on the right when you search their full business name and town, but their actual websites do not show up on the front page at all. 

This is very strange, because it means that Google has databased their sites, their location etc- as it can be seen on Google Maps, but for some reason is not showing their website in  search results. 

If you search the exact business name and town, that website should pop up at the very top, not least given the maps listing does. 

It is very inconsistent and just seems fishy.

Perhaps we are a bit more suspicious than most would be, as we do a lot of 'political blogging' about the current levels of corruption we are witnessing in New Zealand these days (its rampant/ out of control)

If anyone wanted to check these results - the businesses are "Village Organics Hamilton NZ" and "NZ Spouting Services Auckland" - both new websites we built in December. Both of them will come up as maps / places listings, but not in actual search results. Very odd aye? We even added 30 links for Spouting and that hasn't even helped. Both sites have Analytics and Webmaster tools plugged in- we have been doing this for 7 years and never seen anything like it.

We are left wondering if the NZ Government, or some other entity is actually manipulating Google search results for their own political reasons (ie, upset with our blogging). 

Screen shots below


C Glass


Could anyone explain why our sites do not show on Google?

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Hi there

I have posted this twice today - but they seem to have both gone, so trying to word things better.

We have two sites we built in December which are not showing up on Google search. 

Its very strange because their maps listings show up when you search the exact business name, but not the websites. 

I have been doing this for 7 years and have never seen anything like it.

How can the maps listings show up- meaning Google knows the business - but their actual website is no where to be found- like back on page 4 or something - makes no sense to us

Any advice welcomed. 

They both have webmaster tools and analytics plugged in - and some links added- as I said, makes no sense to us, never seen it before.



"NZ Spouting Services Auckland"


"Village Organics Hamilton"

Screen shows below:


Could anyone explain why our sites do not show on Google?

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Hi @Cohen G


I hadn't seen your earlier posts, so allow me to respond to this one. 


I hope this helps with your query -


My understanding is that the algorithm Google uses to display results in standard organic SERPs (search engine results pages) and the map listing or local pack is slightly different.


I can't say what this difference is for certain - only Google knows that secret formula! - but an educated guess would be that it's related to context and user intent. For example: the local pack / maps algorithm may be more heavily weighted towards contextual signals such as location.


Applied to your situation - 

It could simply be a case that the websites in question have dropped in organic position* due to some reason, but are still being triggered in the local pack or map listing either by your location, browser history, the fact that you are searching for the exact match business name or some other personalised data.


There are a large number of factors contributing towards how Google ranks and displays websites (over 200), so it's hard to say which would be having the most effect in your situation.


*On that note - I did notice the website appearing organically for 'NZ Spouting Services Auckland' at the top of page 3 of organic results (from my location).



Is it possible our Google search results are being tampered with?

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Thanks Mark - appreciated


Yes page 3 for Spouting is very odd.


As i the Organics result - I mean they are the only business in NZ called "Village Organics" - or even using those two words together!

So very odd. Been doing this for 7 years - never seen it. 

They key to your reply I think is this "only Google knows that secret formula!"

Strange days. Hope its not our 'politics'. 

Cheers :)