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Is it mandatory to have a Google + account to write a my business review?

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I've read numerous posts/articles which stipulate that you must have a Google Plus account to Write a review so I decided to test the theory. 


1) I signed out of my G+ account.

2) Visited and created a new gmail account - signed out of that account, cleared cache to be sure.

3) I did a google search to bring up my local business listing and selected my business.

4) Clicked on Write a review and it popped up the "Sign in with your Google Accoutn to write a review" screen.

5) I signed in under the test account.

6) It dropped me in the "Rate & review" screen for my business with stars and "Describe your experience" textarea.

7) Here I aborted because I didn't want to create a disturbance


To be sure the test account was not G+, I visited, clicked on the 9-dot apps menu top right and Google + (icon).  It took me to a "Join Google+ by creating your public profile" page where I needed to enter some data to Upgrade to G+.


This seems to contradict the articles I've browsed. Am I missing something?


Depending on the answer, if you can now Write a review with only a gmail account in hand, will that review carry the same/less weight than a G+ account review if both were created at the same time? 


Also, in this case being a brand new account, will that and the fact that there is no review history also devalue the review?



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March 2016

Re: Is it mandatory to have a Google + account to write a my business review?

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Hi @Bob M


It was changed maybe last year, can't quite remember.


You just need to sign in with any Google account to leave a review.


I would say that an account that has activity on it and in good standing will carry more weight then a brand new account.


Note, i say an account rather then a Google+ account specifically. 

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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