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Invalid website page in google search

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When searching my business in google everything comes up correctly with the exception of one thing,

 google issue.JPG

The membership link listed above has been permanently deleted from the website for some time now, and a new one has taken it's place. I am not sure how to replace the membership link with the new existing page. If people were to click on this page it will pull up an error redirect url. 


Please help.


Tiffany Smith

Premier Athletic & Tennis Club

4250 Spartan Industrial Drive SW, Grandville, MI 49418


Re: Invalid website page in google search

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Hi @Tiffany S

This forum is specifically for people with problems associated with the Google my business listing, if you have more questions related you'll be more likely to get a good answer in the webmaster forum here

This is actually a pretty simple problem though, so I'd be happy to steer you in the right direction. So the first thing, the easiest fix is to get a 301 redirect set up on your site. What that does, it makes it so that anytime someone tries to visit that old page, it automatically takes them to the new one. It's easy to set up a 301 redirect, but as with all things wordpress, there's about a million ways that all do the same thing. I've used a plugin called eggplant 301 in the past, it worked alright and seemed fairly simple to me at the time. If you happen to  have the premium plugin for Yoast's SEO plugin, that'll handle 301 redirects as well. Get that set up, and that link will instantly be unbroken, and start working properly again. 

The longer way to fix things, is to register your site on Google Search Console. Every site should really register there anyway, there's a lot of useful info on there. From there, you can demote a link so it stops showing in the search results, but be warned, it can take a little while. Instructions for doing that are here. If you really wanted to go all out, you could also submit a site map to help Google keep all the pages on your site straight. Instructions for submitting a site map are here, and instructions for generating a sitemap with Yoast's free version of their SEO plugin is here.

Alternatively, you could also just change the address for your new membership page to, it's easy to do that in wordpress by changing the new page's permalink. Then you wouldn't have to do anything I suggested above. 

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