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Industry Specific Review Section Options

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Google wants to give their Google+ members the option to leave reviews. But some industries, like law firms, doctor offices and security firms need discretion due to contracts and confidentiality for their clients and their clients companies. Currently, anyone that takes 2 minutes to create a google+ can leave a review with no valid proof of their allegations.  This can hurt a company or firm's credibility and potentially cost them thousands of dollars due to contract terms or law suites filed against them due to a breach in contract.


I want to bounce off Ideas that, hopefully, the GoogleMyBusiness Development Team might consider.


My favorite is to have it removed completely for qualifying industries. Which from my understanding, they will not do.


For qualifying industries, only allow star review with options for the reason for the review. Rather than being able to post what ever, there is a list of options, example - 1 star review: Reason - Former employee: then a select all that apply options -  2 ) I did not like working there |  5) pay was not enough

                    With options in this order, a potential client can see which reviews will best suite them. Furthermore,  a clickable option to view reviews of either Current employees, Former Employees, Customers, Local Critic reviews and Expert review would best help those seeking information, go straight to the information they need. This would also assists individuals reading the reviews to finding the reviews relevant to them. CNET and several other online websites that have a review/feedback posting, distinct between expert and customer reviews. An expert could easily be validated by degree or license or other similar methods that verify this individual is a professional and will give an honest review that will help readers rather than confuse them.


This idea is for all pages:

After a review is made, there's a 48 hour waiting period before the post is made public. This feature is only for verified GoogleMyBusiness account to review the post to make sure it does not leak confidential information or a rant with vulgarity. When any review is made, a verified GoogleMyBusiness account is notified, at this point it is on the company to review the post for the specialist to verify it breaking the Review Policy. If the review is flagged, it isn't made public until after the post is reviewed by a google specialist. With this being said, it would only be fair that if several reviews (not spam but 6+ ip address's posting reviews about a business within a certain amount of time) will flag in the system for immediate review from a specialist.
                                This would put more responsibility onto the Owners/Businesses rather than the google team and allow the specialists to focus on more priority concerns rather than a disgruntled rant.




If you have variations or agree with me or other ideas, please post. The internet and social media have become to powerful without a check and balance system, which is desperately needed with the changing times.


Thank you for your time and consideration,

Matthew Horn

Research & Development Officer

Nighthawk Security

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Re: Industry Specific Review Section Options

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Hi @Matthew H


I understand what you are saying but the review system is pretty robust and reviews that don't meet guidelines can be flagged and you are also able to contact business support.


You mentioned: law firms, doctor offices and security firms.


All of these you can't just pop in, like a corner shop, you know who your customers are and therefore pretty easy to prove that the reviewer was not a customer and or employee.


I am not sure what country you are in but in the UK for example we can also request Full name and address of the reviewer from Google and or removal of libel review.


Googlers do monitor the forum, so your review suggestions will be read.







Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Industry Specific Review Section Options

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A witness could leak information, a disgruntle nurse in her rant after losing her job may mention someones sensitive information and a security guard that loves there job on 3rds between x time and xtime at "company name".. all examples that are related, 100% accurate, but all cause liability issues. I've been having to deal with it quite a bit and after spending several man hours to address the issue with google over the phone, that information was taken down, but took a minimum of 4 days (quicker than the 2 weeks stated for that particular event.) But even when post breach the guidelines, at that point the information is public knowledge and there is no way to cover up the information, unless you pay for a lawyer to have it legally removed, which I fortunately have not had to go through yet myself so I do not know the time-frame for that either.

I am in the United States so I do not know if the guidelines would vary between governments, I would assume not. But for example, LinkedIn does not allow this kind of system due to it being a professional way to looking up company information or potential employees. It has a referral system rather than a reviewing system which helps promote growth rather than discourage it.

We have the same Libel review, but the process takes more time and usually have to have a lawyer involved if it some how falls in the guidelines set by Google.

I was just in a meeting with the Owner and his thought is, "We run a professional business and strive to be so. Shouldn't we in turn receive that in our reviews, regardless if its good or bad?"

So with that thought in mind, maybe making the the review option more structured would increase the quality of the reviews to benefit readers while pacifying business owners.

Thank you for your input Tim. It's helping me understand a little bit more.