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Individual practitioner listing

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I recently joined a law firm where I work as a marketing coordinator. I am trying to set up individual practitioner listings for my firm's attorneys. We have about 40 attorneys and would like to create a listing for each attorney (separate from the firm's business listing.) I checked online, read a number of articles but was unable for find a guide for practitioner local listing. Can someone please help me with simple step by step guide on how to create individual listing? Do attorneys need to setup google plus account to create their local listing?  


What I am particularly looking for is the google box on the right hand side of the search page. eg:


Attorney photo: attorney photo, location map and additional photos

Name: xxxx, Esq.

Lawyer in New York City, New York




Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you



Individual practitioner listing

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Hi Jave,


You could have the main listing for the law firm optimized for things like “law firm” and then have 1 lawyer who specializes in personal injury law and another lawyer who specializes in criminal law. Similarly you can do for other lawyers


Check this link and details from Google:


Multiple practitioners at one location
If the practitioner is one of several public-facing practitioners at this location:
• The organization should create a listing for this location, separate from that of the practitioner.
• The title of the listing for the practitioner should include only the name of the practitioner, and shouldn’t include the name of the organization.
Solo practitioners that belong to branded organizations
If a practitioner is the only public-facing practitioner at a location and represents a branded organization, it's best for the practitioner to share a listing with the organization. Create a single listing, named using the following format: [brand/company]: [practitioner name].
Acceptable: "Allstate: Joe Miller" (if Joe is the sole public-facing practitioner at this Allstate-branded location)

Individual practitioner listing

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I have the same question! I saw all of this information already on so I'm clear on what I can and can't do. But when it comes to creating the individual pages for people, what is the best way to go about it? I hope each person doesn't have to create a Google account and do it themselves. That wouldn't happen. I'm wondering if one staff member there can set them all up on the practitioners behalf. 


UPDATE: I realized you can create the pages under GMB and then just have them verified. 


NEW QUESTION: Before verifying the location, I am seeing "Duplicate address" status in GMB. I'm wondering if this will cause issues. Hmmm... Anyone else successfully set up practitioner pages (while also having a GMB for the practice page)?

Individual practitioner listing

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Have you solved this issue? I too, see the guidelines but no step by step to create the listing for a practitioner. We have a business page, but when we test create a practitioner page I get a message to confirm if they are the same as the business or a new business. Are practitioners a separate business?

What have you figured out?