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Image displayed for business was changed is is now displaying horrible image for brand

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5 days ago, we noticed the incorrect image displaying in Google for a search on my client's name - Dan Newlin.  We didn't make any changes on our end as verified in the Google My Business tool. 
Currently showing when you Google search 'Dan Newlin' (left image is incorrect).  My client's head is cut off and this is not the image we have selected in the Google My Business tool. 
Inline image 1
Images we have set to display in Google My Business Tool:
Inline image 2



After spending an absurd amount of time escalating the local image issue through the ranks of the Google My Business team, I was told for the second time that the image would be updated in 24 - 48 hours.


UPDATE:  I received a call from a lead on the Google My Business team with a bummer update --- Raheem from Google explained that his team did everything within their powers to update the image.  He recommended submitting feedback for the image via google images. (I've done this 10x since issue discovered)


I'm not happy with this resolution.  Google provides a tool for business to select which specific images are showcased (logo, cover, profile).  We didn’t change anything on our end.   Google’s algorithm has decided the image now showing (same as header on homepage) is more relevant for the search ‘Dan Newlin’ than the image we have selected to be displayed via the Google My Business photo selection tool. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Why would the algorithm supersede images selected by the brand to represent themselves.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions beyond leaving feedback on the image would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Image displayed for business was changed is is now displaying horrible image for brand

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@Jody R


I can't see your screenshots.


Please try reposting them - taking in account this hints:

How to add screen captures or similar to posts:
(or upload them to a public picture site - linking them to here)


I btw see the listing and its Knowledge graph as below: 2016-08-17 17-58-11.png


But in case you refer to not getting thie profile photo shown up 




The latter photo is visible as profile photo of the G+ page 2016-08-17 17-58-11.png


But I guess you are not complaining about the correct shown profile photo for the G+ page but for the other photo shown in the above knowledge graph.


In this case I recommend contacting business support.

Maybe they can help.


The best way to contact business support:
contactflow & request a call back
Talk to a specialist:
Global Phone Support Hours:
You can request in many (maybe not all though) countries a call back of experts of business support by phone. This should be possible on official working days and during their the day time only - try it from 9 or 10 AM until 5 or 6 PM

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