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How to request a new primary category for Google My Business

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I have multiple listings that I manage, and a few of my clients have asked for better categories that are closer to the actual work they do.  One is a Drug Addiction Treatment Center and there is no category for that.  The other is a metrologist and the closest category we could find is Measuring Instrument Supplier, but they don't supply anything, they calibrate.  Any help with this would be amazing.



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Re: How to request a new primary category for Google My Business

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Hi Dawn
If I remember correctly the categories were reviewed in 2017 and there aren’t any changes to review this in the near future.
It’s always advisable to select the most appropriate/closest one to your business and add a secondary one.
I wouldn’t add more than 3 maximum.

How to request a new primary category for Google My Business

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Hi Dawn,


If a desired category is no longer available, it is because it has been merged with another category.  The businesses that still show it are grandfathered in per se.  You will choose the best category that closely matches it. Another thing to do is ask them who their competitors are (or collegues) in other areas.  look them up and see what categories they are using.  they may have found one more to your liking.  this is how i do it.


I think the measuring instrument supplier is the closest and would be fine.  


I do see a category "Drug Addiction Treatment Center", so i don't understand why you can't add it.  I just verified it on one of my listings.


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