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How to improve pictures ranking from your GMB on the Business Listing Images?

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Hi There!


Supposedly, Google team of expert will probably not reveal how the algorithm is working but I wanted to see with the community how I could improve the ranking of the picture I did upload 2 weeks ago on Google My Business (Business listing). Indeed, the business I am managing the content, it's a hotel (Novotel New York Times Square). 


I thought by adding new pictures on GMB, will update on the other hand the pictures you can access by clicking on the "See Photos" or "See outside" or clicking directly o the picture (I will Call this Business Listing)). After 2 weeks, there is a small amount of my new pictures displayed on it.

However, the algorithm did not select the best ones... (Here you go Google, Golden Opportunity right here).

By pursuing my Utopian Dream to pierce Google's algorithm, I decided to dig deeper on the analysis. I did compare the pictures from my GMB vs the ones from the Business Listing. I thought it would be based mainly on the total views (or a major part of the algorithm will do that). Yes, that would explain why some of pictures are not displayed if the total views = 0. But as I noticed, the images from customers (tab in GMB under photo section) with a very high number of views (up to 400K views for example) on my GMB account are not displayed on my business listing pictures.


So as there is less correlations (or even non) between GMB and your Business listing pictures, there are still Google Guide and Google Maps possibilities. The algorithm should naturally take into consideration the Google Guide review as the quality of the content will be enriched by a few "specialist" as local guide. I found that correlation by clicking on all 360 pictures on my Business Listing pictures (made by one guy practically who is Level 5 in Local Guide - his content worth more). So the algorithm, take in consideration Local Guide content of high level (level 5 in Local Guide is far above the average - lvl 2-3), plus the algorithm likes the 360 tours/picture).


I just downloaded the app (GMB), I will try to update with my content to see if his changing the ranking of the pictures.

So far, the only result I found to improve the ranking of your new pictures is to report the old pictures in order to get them removed. No need to be smart to think is there is less competitions (=less pictures) you have a better chance to appear first vs your clients' pictures.

But again, if you are alone to report a picture (Google will most likely not remove that picture) you don't stand a chance to get it removed. The only way, ask dozens and dozens of colleague, friends and family to report the picture.


Here is my question, how I can improve the ranking of my new pictures that I did upload on GMB to be displayed on the business listing when you search the business?


Many thanks for your help,

Etienne Pechikoff