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How to add an additional business location.

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1. Full business name 

Broadway SuperCars LLC 
2. Current business address 

300B Colfax Ave 

Clifton, NJ 07013
3. Current telephone number 

4. Google Maps URL 
5. Website (if applicable) 


1 month ago I opened an additional location for my exotic car rental company in New York City, which I'm excited about.  My current location is in Clifton, NJ.  How do I ADD my brand new, New York City location to google search/maps/etc??  I can't figure out how to have both my NJ and my NY location pop up for searchers in the respective states.  I added the NYC location for the sole reason to help my SEO for people searching in NYC.  

Thanks in advance!

How to add an additional business location.

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I need help with this, too. Did you have any success, John?