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How do you change headline image in Maps Knowledge Graph

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I produce Google Street View virtual tours for businesses. After publishing a tour the top/headline image in the business' Maps Knowledge Graph is replaced by the tour's storefront view. This is almost never a good idea. It often has to be shot too close to the business to be useful, the view is less than optimal, if inside an office building you may just see an office door, etc. Clients are getting testy about that.

Example: Pizza Shuttle

How does the business change this image to something more useful? It seems if you "Select the photo you recommend to show first on Google Maps and Search" (In the MyBusiness Manage Photos tab) it has no effect. What is the solution?


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September 2016

Re: How do you change headline image in Maps Knowledge Graph

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Hi @Scott W


As you have discovered, setting your images in GMB "Manage Photos" does not "set" your images.


Google rotates / displays images that they feel best suits the search query / user.


Sorry, but Google displays what they want to display

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Re: How do you change headline image in Maps Knowledge Graph

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Thanks Tim,

So.... nothing possible to change the headline image. At least I know. My way of dealing with this will be to break another Google guideline and shoot an additional spin from far enough out to get enough building face to be of reasonable use. Of course that could cause problems when connecting to "Street" Street View, but Google seems to be dropping that feature of late, anyway.

Strange how Google, in imposing an algorithm to provide the "most useful content" guarantees to deliver the worst. And no way to fix it. You have to wonder if the people who determine this actually use the product. Can't they see the problem?