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How do show TrustPilot stars under Google Search Results?

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My boss has asked me to optimise our Google Search results so that our TrustPilot 5-Star Rating *see below* is placed beneath each result (ideally). Could someone please assist me in moving forward? Do I need to contact the website administrator or is this something I could do on my GMB dashboard?



1. We Buy Any Bike
2. Unit 4, Hanworth Court, Hanworth Road, Low Moor, Bradford BD12 0SG
3. 01274 600 224


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We Buy Any Bike

How do show TrustPilot stars under Google Search Results?

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This is generated by google.  You will need to use the proper Schema to even have a chance of it showing up.  There are also two different kinds of review ratings that show.  They usually are ratings for a specific product or an article.  There are ways to use your GMB review rating by a workaround, but you will need to install the proper schema which will be handled by your web developer.  I would explain to your boss that it is used at Google's discretion.