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How Could I remove photos from my business account?

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I have some problems with my business account.


1/Someone posted a photo with a beach which is not relative to my business .

How Could I removed?


2/I need to change the profile photo on the photo 1& 3. That is how look like in google maps now.

I want to have the same looking as my profile photo 2 on google + connected to my profile.


Is that possible?

Could I modify how looks like DTQ on google Maps and delete the beach photo.






Photo 1

I wish someone external to DTQ designs had not connected a beach picture to us Google Maps.  

I have reported but still in us profile.


Screenshot (107).pngScreenshot (105).pngScreenshot (106).png

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How Could I remove photos from my business account?

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@Damian T


have you reported it through such a link:!1e3!2s-e4bhMDC_9eg%2FV...




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How Could I remove photos from my business account?

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Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I have reported.